Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cards for the Boys

I make loads of cards of feminine and genderless cards, but when it comes to cards for men and boys I always feel a bit out of my depth. I have seen some great cards on others blog peoples blogs. For example you should take a look at http://craftietimes.blogspot.co.uk/ which has some fabulous cards (don't I wish I'd made them) and http://oakfieldcrafts.blogspot.co.uk/  this had a great post on cards for men.

Whilst I was at Farnborough Craft Fair back in February I bought some Lili of the Valley die cut card toppers. See http://www.liliofthevalley.co.uk/  I bought various ones as they had a deal of £10 for 11 or was it 12 sheets and one lot were 'Take it Easy' with a series of young boys featuring in the images. So I thought I'd start with these images and make a few young boy cards and then branch out later. 

I'd appreciate some honest feed back as to what everyone thinks of them. I am reasonably please but still think they are a bit on the cute side to be truly masculine. What does everyone else think??   



 Your comments would be appreciated don't be too cruel but definitely be honest.


  1. I think they are great, they are cute but lovely :)

    1. Thanks now I need to get some more grunge and more manly elements into my designs.