Monday, 23 April 2012

Tree Felling

Finally today the guys came to cut down/trim the trees in and around our garden. I had hoped they could have come earlier in the year but they had so much work to do it was not possible.

The delay though rather put a spanner in the works. Unfortunately because the seasons have gotten a little out of whack and  the birds had already begun nesting and laying eggs.it wasn't possible to trim the main trees at the bottom of the garden, blooming pigeons. Never mind, they have at least trimmed back the other trees that were in need of attention. This will allow more light to get through to  my vegetable plot and hopefully increase veg yields. Well, we can only hope.  I do, however, I guess have to plant some veg. I have been waiting for my potatoes to chit, but they are being very slow this year. Hopefully they'll be planted next week. 


 Can you spot the difference? I cannot get over how lush and green the garden looks in these pictures. The trees in the top picture on the right are the ones which are housing the pigeons will keep you posted if we have babies and might show a shot later when they are cut down. Well if anyone's interested ha! ha!

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