Friday, 1 June 2012

On Display

My local Library has a very large display cabinet at its entrance which is always full of pictures (photos and paintings) needlecraft, knitting, cards or some other sort of crafts. I had always thought you had to be invited to have one of these displays, but when talking to one of the librarians the other day I found this was not the case. Apparently anyone could display their work and surprisingly in today's economic climate there was no fee charged for the privilege. 

I thought about it and decided why not? So I asked when the cabinet was next free and booked my slot. So on Monday afternoon I struggled into the library armed with assorted craft items I have made and put up my own display.
The display cabinet . Sadly too much reflective light but I think you can get the idea
 I put an assortment of cards, scrapbook pages and the felting items I have made recently on display together with an  a variety of bunting. So far I have had only a little feedback but have been pleased  as it has all been quite positive.


  1. I like this idea. It looks lovely. I know it was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

    1. Thanks it was hard work as the space in the library was limited and at the time it was so hot and stuffy. I am pleased though that I did it.