Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Twice in Two Weeks

As I explained in an earlier post I love going to the cinema but when my daughters away at University I don't get to go often. Well my husband took pity on me and because of good reports he'd heard about Snow White and the Huntsman he volunteered to take me. Well, actually it was that and my moaning because my daughter had already seen it with her University buddies,
so he took pity on me 

 Well I have got to say I really enjoyed it I thought it was a a good film and much better than the Mirror, Mirror version I had seen earlier this year. Why is it film producers do this have so many of the same type of film all together why not try something different like Sleeping Beauty or Hansel and Gretal or Rapunzel? Sorry I digress, this was a good film Charlize Theron was fabulous stole the show really. She was magnificently sinister and weird yet I felt a bit sorry for her. The Huntsman Tim Hemsworth was his normal gorgeous talented self and the dwarves were great very entertaining. 

The lead character was, however, a bit of a let down she is so emotionless. She is pretty has a great face and figure and looks good on camera, but she is passionless. She sadly had no chemistry with  either the William character (the dukes son and childhood friend or with the Huntsman. The only time you felt passion was from the men toward her particularly when they thought her dead. I am sorry Kirsten Stewart but you need to get some emotion into your acting and stop  being the sulky teenager.

Saying this about the lead character does not take anything away from the film it was good well worth seeing and honestly the other characters more than made up for Ms Stewart's failings


  1. I agree with you completely! Good film, but I don't particularly like Kristen Stewart!

    1. So knew you'd agree what is it about her why is she so sulky???