Thursday, 12 July 2012

Congratulations Card

I recently bought a Papermania Lucy Cromwell Card Kit set which I saw whilst out shopping for Scrapbooking bits. I thought it was lovely and such a mix of lovely images, from the gardening bits to frocks and perfume, I just had to buy it . The paper quality was excellent and the decoupage images so easy to remove from the sheets.  

I have made a few of the decoupage pieces up but as yet have only made one complete card and here it is below. I thought the image ideal as a congrats  card. When I have completed a few more cards I'll put them on the blog too 

 I used a simple scalloped edged card then added a base sheet of floral paper with a faded rose design, which I cut to leave a small white edge to the card.  I then added a strip of pink ribbon at the base of the card into which I had twisted a paper rose in the same tonal shades as the roses in the main image. 

I mounted the decoupaged image of the rose in the tea pot on a piece of coordinating pink shimmer paper and then placed this on the card just about the ribbon. I completed the card with the addition of sentiment from the card kit. 

I was very pleased with the end result I just haope the other cards turn out as well.  



  1. Lovely decoupage card do you enter it into any challenges. I did one the other day but without looking back on my blog I am not sure who it was. Yes I have been busy. It's called 'time out' I am full time carer for my nearly 100 yr old dad and when he sleeps I craft. My chores are all done being a perfectionist, then I craft to my hearts content. Have a lovely time away with your daughter...

    1. Well you deserve it ( the break/time out. You still work so hard you must have a good work ethic. I did work as a teacher but I started to hate it so packed it in.Its amazing despite not working I still never have any time I am always busy with something but its fun and well I rather wear out than rust.