Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer pages

Some more pages for my daughter's scrapbook These photos were all taken when she was about 3-5 years of ages. This was the time/age for taking loads of shots because at that age kids don't seem to mind being caught on camera. Its only later when they get older they hate pictures and as soon as a camera is put in front of them they start worry about how they look or they do stupid faces or even worse they walk away.

As these photos show little was thought of poses or how they looked and as a consequence they look great.The first one Mucky pup I think is great the face is so cheeky and full of mischief. I just which I could recall what they had been doing   
What they have been up to lord only knows but I'm sure it was fun

I had fun with this page got to splash some paint about and be a bit mucky I also added some bunting my favourite thing at the moment. I also used some leaves I had in my bits box to add colour.

Summer fun on her bike
In this photos she looks so matter of fact I'm sure its about the time we took of the bike stabilizers then there was no stopping her 
For this I used various oddments of paper plus some ribbon. The design is simple but I think it works.
The safest place for her ha ha

This picture was taken when we bought Bry her first pet a rabbit she named Velvet. You'll see more pictures later. In this picture shes is testing the cage we created to give the rabbit a chance to have a run. She looks so serious it makes me smile 
For this page I used basic black grey card over which I splatted white paint plus added some edging in white.I then used some Stampin up paper which I thought looked very much like a cage/wire pattern.I added this to the left of the page making it cover horizontally approximately half the page  

Vertically across the page I added  an adhesive border pattern I think its a K&Co one but I'm not sure. I then had scraps of card from packs of letters which I thought was rather nice. I then stamped over these pieces with some distress inks. I tore all the pieces of card into strips and layered them up horizontally on the page. I then mounted the photo on another piece of the scrap card stamping along one edge which I had torn and distressed.

I then added the photo to the page so its a little off centre Finally I added the title, subtitle and a few bits of journalling.

I hope you like them all       .


  1. These pages are so nice Dawn, they are a great memory done beautifully..x

    1. Thanks always good to have nice comments. This book is taking me an age but then she (my daughter) is nearly 20 so lots of pages. I have done some from about 15 to upwards so at least we are up to date on the top end of her life ha ha