Monday, 29 October 2012

Happy Halloween

I made these cake treats for my daughter and her friends at University for Halloween. I thought I'd share them with you all as I was rather pleased with the end results.

I used a standard cup cake mix for the small cakes. You'll find the recipe  in one of my earlier posts. For the larger cake I used a basic Victoria sponge recipe and cooked the mixture in a rounded pudding shaped baking tin.

Once the cakes were cooked I decorated them with royal icing. For the small cup cakes I made some butter icing and covered the cakes before covering the cake tops with discs of white royal icing.  I then added molded black roses to half the cup cake batch and I made spiders with black icing for the other six cup cakes. 

To finish off the rose cakes I brushed them with silver cake decoration to give the effect of spider web  

The rose cup cakes dusted with silver
I was going to use googly for the spiders but I used icing instead 
I decorated the large cake with a coating of butter icing before covering with black royal icing. I then made eyes using black and white icing and I also made some fangs with white icing that I coloured at the tips with red food dye .
To give the spider a bit more detail I added spots of black icing across the spiders back. To finish I made the spider legs using black fluffy pipe cleaners which I twisted and bent and then added to the cake with small blobs of black icing .       

Hope you have a Happy Halloween.