Friday, 19 October 2012

Olympic pages

I have just completed a couple of summer scrapbook pages. I took tons of shots over the summer (a fact I may have mentioned in an earlier post) and between preparing for Christmas and Halloween I've started making up some of these shots into scrapbook pages. I thought I'd share my first two pages with you. Others may well follow but hopefully you'll forgive they tend to focus on an Olympic theme. 

The first page marks the beginning of the Olympics.Early in the morning at about 8.10 am  a chime of bells rang out and everyone was encouraged to find some bells and join in . Well Bry couldn't miss out so she got up early and armed with her union flag she went out on the patio and rang her bells. well I had to make this shot into a page and of course it had to have bunting.

The Olympics began early in the morning with a chime of bells 
A close up to see the details of the page

The second page uses a similar colour scheme and of course again I had to have bunting and the union flag well its important to be patriotic.

A  couple of close ups

I hope you enjoy the pages more will hopefully follow.

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