Monday, 15 October 2012

Scrapbook page class

At my monthly craft meeting on Wednesday of last week, I, along with my other crafters had the chance to work with the very talented Katherine from  http://fruitofmyscraps.blogspot.co.uk/ to create a scrapbook page. It was great everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we all produced some great pages. The design Katherine brought in was one she has used herself and comes from Once Upon a Sketch  a follows:

This is what I did with the design. I enjoyed do this page it always great to try new and different techniques and to see how others approach constructing a scrapbook page. Next month when the crafters group meet again I will get some pictures of some of the other group members pages and will put them in a post for you to see.  

The finished page

Some close ups 

I'm very pleased with the end results I hope you like it too. If you want to see some other great designs pay Katherine a visit on her blog shes got real style and her pages are always fabulous.  


  1. Just toooo nice and I love the page are those some of Sylvia's birds? Love the papers...it's just great, glad you enjoyed it (might do it again :))

    1. Honestly had a great time and was pleased with the results. No not Sylvia's birds there some K and Co ones I got from the Ally Pally Scrapbook fair. Its good occasionally to have someone else provide the ideas. ha ha