Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Weekend in Berlin

Just got back from a weekend in Berlin. We had a great time despite the cold and fog. Berlin is a very interesting city, its definitely not what you'd think of as a place for a romantic get away like Paris, Venice or Rome but its, well it has something about it.
The Reichstag

The Beliner Dome 

There is some lovely old German Gothic architecture to be seen in Berlin, but there is also some hideous modern, harsh, ugly blocks everywhere. I'm sorry if that offends anyone  but  it's my honest opinion. And the graffiti, I have never seen so much graffiti, its everywhere, some is fantastic and amusing, but most of it is just hideous and just so pointless. Again this is just my opinion.  

Now this is what you call humour ha ha 

Don't get me wrong though, Berlin is  a very modern and fascinating city, well worth a visit. The food was great and the people, well they were fabulous so friendly and kind I was most impressed    

A chocolate creation 

Such lovely cakes 
My advice to anyone reading this is pay a visit to Berlin. In five years time a lot of the building work which is currently underway should be finished and then I think Berlin will be amazing. I'm definitely going back.  


  1. WOW looks fantastic! I see what you mean about the grafitti.
    I wasn't following you (sorry my mistake)I am now though.

    1. Sorry Sylvia I had to do a rewrite as Id made some errors silly me doing typing without glasses not a good idea. I hope its clear now

  2. I love Berlin. We have been many times and it's just a great, vibrant city. We've been there in December for the Christmas markets and that is quite special too. Last time we did the East of the Wall tour and that was fascinating. The fact that it ended in the freezing rain added to the atmosphere.

    1. Don't get me wrong I loved it too, thought it fascinating. I think December will be very busy and exciting with the number of markets they were erecting in the various squares.
      We walked miles did the East Wall trip, Check point charlie and the River trip it was fab. We had fog which made it a times quite surreal