Sunday, 4 November 2012

Summer pages

One of my favourite places in this country to visit other than trips home is Wisley RHS Gardens in Surrey. Every time I visit I seem to find something new and interesting to inspire me in my own garden. Its such a peaceful place to visit I recommend it to everyone not just the gardeners amoung us, but its also a great place to take children and just to go for a peaceful and relaxing stroll. 

The gardens are great at anytime during the year but in the summer when the roses are out is possibly my preferred time to visit. It also coincides with my birthday,so I can usually convince my hubby to purchase some plants from the wonderful garden shop.   

This year I took the following shots and made them up into scrapbook pages the layouts for which were inspired by pages seen within the creativity magazine by 'Docrafts'

This first shot was taken in the large green house. Its a spectacular place all different environments in one venue. I love the waterfall and the great swathe of passion flowers that hang from the ceiling.

The second shot which I made up for my scrapbook shows the passion flowers plus my daughter.This year the curtain of flowers was not quite so impressive as in past years but I guess everything needs pruning at times. 
Flower Child
Close up of the page detail
This second shot shows my hubby relaxing at the top of the apple tree hill As you can see he's armed with an umbrella ready for a sudden change in the weather. 
You were saying?

A close up of the page detail

I thought I'd just add a few shots of the flowers I wont be using them as scrapbook pages but they'll give you an idea of whats to bee seen at Wisley  

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