Saturday, 9 February 2013

An Abundance of Bunting

I saw an lovely layout in the Docraft's Creativity magazine the other day and decided I would like to try my own adaption of it for one of my scrapbook pages. I love the Creativity magazine its always full of ideas with all the latest papers and establishments (from Docraft of course) on display.

Here's my twist on their layout then. 

Just noticed the 'b' from blooming is missing
 I love bunting there is just something so festive about it and its use always makes for a cheery page. Its also a great way to use up all sorts of bits of colourful paper, so a great way to avoid waste. 

For this page I used a plain Basic Brazzill sheet of 12 x 12 card in blue over which I placed a piece of blue green patterned paper which had been distressed and stained around the edges. I used Tim Holtz 'Old Paper' distress ink pad for the staining and a gell ink pen in russet brown to outline the paper edges.

Close up of the embellishments used.
I then mounted the photo (its me yuck) onto two paper doilies of differing sizes. One I stuck along the base of the picture towards the left hand side and the other on the right hand side of the picture. I then mounted this on the page slightly to the left of centre on the page. I added a flower embellishment from K &Co over the doily on the right of the picture. 

Close up of the bunting 

 It was then time to add the bunting across the base of the page below the photo. I did this using bakers thread/twine linked over a series of unevenly placed brads. It was then simply a matter of adding the bunting pennants, which I had cut out of random sized and shaped pieces of scrap paper. I added them so they slightly over lapped each other which I think add to the over all unfussiness of the page. 

Finally I added the title and a small piece of journalling.

I love it hope you all do.


  1. Lovely page Dawn - I quite like the "looming" title. See you Wednesday x

  2. Great layout.I love all the colours and the bunting.

  3. This is lovely. You are very clever. I love bunting too, but tend to get wrapped up in the fabric kind.

    1. I've made loads of fabric bunting too. I made my first lot for Christmas a few years back and was so impressed that I then made some for Valentines Day. Trouble was then my daughter wanted some for her room and some for her uni room. Of course then her friends saw it and well it snowballed. You'll have to look back at one of my earlier blogs to see some of it think Feb and December have some examples.

  4. Love this page, it looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks very much always nice to get good comments