Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Has Spring Arrived??

It may be cold, well freezing actually but today I went out into the garden and not only did I see green shoots ( to nick the politicians line) but I could also see flowers. Finally after many years of trying I have at last managed to get snowdrops in my garden. As those of you who may have been reading my blog last year I  have been trying to get snowdrops to bloom in my garden for some time without success. This year, however, I am pleased to say the bulbs I planted last year have now come into bloom. 

I am thrilled finally after so many failed attempts this year I feel as if I've struck gold. I am really hoping this is a sign for the year to come, if my snowdrops can be successful maybe other ventures I am working on will be also. Hopefully it will also rub off on the rest of my family, so my daughter will get a fabulous degree, my son find his ideal job that will make use of his fantastic First class hons degree in Illustrative Art and my husbands business will thrive. No I''m not asking much am I....... giggle giggle. Well there is no need not to be optimistic is there. 

The dwarf Iris are out too pretty aren't  they 


  1. Well done. I have a few snowdrops too. They give me hope that the cold weather will be over soon.

  2. I love snow drops... Fingers crossed everything falls into place Px

    1. I now want them to get established and spread, because I rather fancy drifts of white across under my shrubs. I've got bluebells that come up later so at this time it has in the past looked a bit bleak.

  3. So gorgeous!! It will be a while before the flowers start popping up here! ~ Blessings, Tracey