Thursday, 28 February 2013

Summer to Halloween

My hubby has been working away for the last few days in Germany and as a consequence I never sleep as well. Despite not having to listen to him snoring which ought to be a bonus, I find I cant sleep, so instead I'm doing more crafting. The other night I was up till gone 1 o'clock in the morning fiddling with papers etc. 

Here are a few pages I have managed to complete. I'm quite pleased with them,you might not agree of course and think I would have been better off getting more sleep...............ha! ha! ha! 

These pages are from the summer down at Sheringham in Norfolk 

My son as Bane and daughter as some crazy doll with a stitched face all dressed up for Halloween 


  1. I have never done this sort of thing, but wish I had these momentos of my children growing up. Lovely. Incidentally, i move to the spare room when the snoring gets to be too much.

    1. But I miss it when it's not there. However, I did once record it so he could hear for himself just how bad it can get. Yes I too have moved rooms but we don't have that luxury unless the kids are away. ha ha

  2. I think it was time spent well. Your pages are always lovely. See you soon x

  3. Wow you have been busy they are beautiful and yes to the inky page :)