Monday, 4 March 2013

Farnborough Make It show

Had a great time this weekend at the 'Make it' show at Farnborough, even though by Sunday when ?I eventually went several of the stands had sold up and closed. I was also a little disappointing there were so few stalls selling scrapbooking stuff such a papers and embellishments, but since I'm into other crafts it wasn't really a problem.

Found a great stall with some fabulous stuff including kits for soap and pot pourri making, fabrics, ribbons, buttons etc, by the name of Creative Scents by Natura Leigh www.naturaleigh.co.uk.  I got some pot pourri and buttons which will no doubt appear in some future project. 

Creative Scents by Natura Leigh Stand 

Whilst there I also went along to the Stampin Up stand to pay a call on Fiona from Oakfields Crafts http://oakfieldcrafts.blogspot.co.uk/  and her team. We , that is my hubby and I had a go at their make and take which was fun and though my hubby hasn't a crafting bone in his body I must say with the help of Fiona he made quite a good job of his card. Maybe I can get him mkaing his own cards in future.

Doesn't he look pleased with himself 
See below the cards we made can you spot which one my hubby made??


  1. I shall look forward to reading Ken's crafting blog too in future.

    1. Well you might look forward to it but I don't think blogging is his scene.

  2. Lovely seeing you both. I think I can "spot" the one he made! Great cards, glad you both enjoyed making them. You will have to hide your snail/tape runners from him though. Fiona x

    1. Great to have seen you too. We had fun and enjoyed the make. You should see his present wrapping and all the cellotape used so no he won't be getting his hands on my snail/runner tapes