Monday, 8 February 2016

No slacking here

I have been really good over the last few days and have managed not only to do a whole lot of cooking, but I have also done a felting course, which was great, and completed a whole lot more pages for my scrapbook.
So here we go with some examples of the scrapbook pages I have completed. 

And here are my wet felt picture backgrounds. I will now have to complete the details for each with needle felting and embroidery bead work etc.  I will post more pictures as the work progresses. If you want to know how to make wet felt look at my earlier blog posts that feature felting May 2012

I would also advise a quick look at Paula Watkins blog freckles and flowers

This picture will be of cow parsley in the foreground and fields in the background. 

This will be a sea/beach landscape, with rocks sea grass etc in the foreground
sea and sky in the background. 
sadly all the cooking I did didnt last long enough for photos hahahah


  1. Looks great! Lots of hard work!

  2. Looks great! Lots of hard work!

    1. Thanks Bry its so nice to get comments.

    2. Thanks Bry its so nice to get comments.

  3. What great pages documenting all your journeys and adventures and your hard work too! Love the look of the wet felt, and will check back to see the embroidered finish... like you, I love Cow Parsley - and no, not a weed in my eyes either. Thanks for your visit.
    Alison x

    1. Thanks so much great to get comments and followers