Monday, 22 February 2016

Keeping up the hard work

Despite my promise to myself about blogging once a week I've already sadly fallen down on the job, though not by too much and I have been very busy.
Plus to be honest had a bit of a family issue which turned out to be, thankfully, nothing more than a scare, so we can all breathe easily now.

Anyway less of the drama everyone's fine and I've got back to work.I managed to complete several more scrapbook pages and I went with my friend Stella to a machine embroidery beginners day, which was great fun. Katie Essam http://www.katie-essam.co.uk/workshops/  the teacher was very nice and we learnt a great deal. 

Here is what I managed to achieve plus a few of my scrapbook pages for you to have a peak at and please don't hesitate to comment. 


The above machine embroidery was from a photograph. It is far from complete but don't worry when its done I'll make another post. It still needs some added colours, stitches and possibly some beading but we will see. As I get more experienced hopefully my stitching with the machine will become neater.

Great sculptures in Naples museum what a butt.

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