Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Quick Make

I wanted to give some little eggs to some friends children but wanted to make them look a little special, however, having been away from home I was pressed for time. So, I  had a a quick review of my craft stocks.I found I had  lots of bits of brightly coloured card and some odd bits of decoupage that I had not used to make cards, plus several oddments of ribbon so the simplest of solutions would be to create some small gift bags. I think they turned out well, obviously if you had more time you could make some really fancy bags using lace flowers buttons, stamps etc 

Once finished I then filled them with little mini chocolate eggs.I hope they are well received, I guess though as chocolate is involved they'll be appreciated  

The finished little bags

If you like to try to make some bags of your own the template is below.To see a details click on the image below to enlarge it. You can decorate however you might wish. 

Click on image to enlarge
I think I might make use of this idea again at Christmas to create little bags for the table rather than crackers, which though fun seem to generate a whole lot of mess and bits a little bag like this would be much greener (environmentally speaking) and could be filled with things guests actually want rather than yet another tape measure or spinning top.


  1. I am sure they were received well :D They look great

    1. Well I hope they like them. I would have liked to have done more and had more time to think about them but time and tide etc etc. Love your Easter bonnet its fab

  2. These are gorgeous. Such a great idea.