Friday, 6 April 2012

Mirror Mirror

Having spent the morning working, cleaning washing etc. I decided that I needed a reward. So at 5pm my daughter Bryony and me went off to the cinema to see Mirror Mirror the latest Tarsem Singh film starring, Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Arnie Hammer. The last film I had seen was Tinker, Taylor, Soldier etc, etc, good film but a bit on the dry side. This time we decided something a little more frivolous.
Snow White and her prince
Mirror Mirror has had mixed reviews and whilst its not the greatest of films ever, it does give an interesting slant to the Snow White story. However, its not for us adults, its for the children and the kids I saw leaving the cinema all seemed to be well pleased with what they'd seen.

I know Julia Roberts has been critised for neither being fierce nor funny but I think, seen as her first step into the world of bad guy, she did a good job.Snow White wasn't too sweet nor totally helpless, and the handsome prince though a bit of a sap had a good bod and nice voice. All in all, I liked it The costumes were fab and the scenery and sets were colourful and at times dramatic.

My advise is go see it, don't expect too much and you,ll enjoy it. If you've got children its a must for the Easter break

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